Our strategy relies on diversification

Investment Process

Bridge Capital Holding investment strategy is to have a well-diversified portfolio that efficiently harvests risk premia and protects our capital for future generations.
We seek to provide inflation-adjusted returns to preserve the purchasing powers of the assets. We do this via diversification, combining academic theory with our understanding of financial markets, proper risk management and investing for a purpose. Our investment process relies on four basic pillars:
  • Diversification & focus on downside risks
  • Going back to the basics
  • Risk Management
  • Responsible Investment

We seek to eliminate unrewarded risk exposures. Diversification is achieved across & within asset classes though allocating to uncorrelated underlying factor risk premia explaining securities & asset returns. We invest in equity, fixed income, private equity & real assets

We go back to the basics and focus on deeply understanding the markets. We base our analysis on portfolio theory, together with our understanding of the linkages that drive economies and markets, to guide us through our decision-making process

We use all risk management tools at our disposal, and continuously stress test our rules & methodologies across various economic regimes

Good corporate governance and sustainable business practices are extremely important to us. We prefer well-managed, financially sound companies with products and services that satisfy the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

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Private Equity - Direct Investments

Invest in great management teams
Bridge Capital Holding invests (direct investments or placements via various funds) across strong quality companies around the world. We consider opportunities across the Private Equity spectrum and at different maturity levels. Our investment focus and approach for established and growth stage business spans across a wide range of industries, from Retail, Consumer, Financial Services, and Technology sectors.
Bridge Capital Holding's direct investment strategy aims at acquiring significant stakes in selected defensive industries. We look for businesses where we can leverage our expertise and are able to add value. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships and help grow these companies.

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Real Estate

Bridge Capital Holding’s portfolio encompasses a diversified mix of international real estate assets, through direct or indirect exposure as investments in funds.

We look for high-quality assets that can deliver targeted risk adjusted return: we look for both long-term holdings with potential for capital appreciation, as well as income-producing assets with sustainable income returns. We maintain an underwriting discipline as the real estate cycle evolves and invest in durable themes that are sustainable across cycles & sub-markets.

Our real estate allocation is diversified by asset class, geography, and risk profile, with a preference for stabilized, income-oriented commercial & residential real estate assets. We also consider select opportunities in specialized asset classes including student housing, senior housing, medical/laboratory properties, and logistics.






Core Plus



Value Add






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Public Equities

Our investment process is structured around a factor-based investment approach coupled with a fundamental bottom-up analysis
We look through asset classes to focus on underlying factor decomposition and focus on the proper management of “Factor Exposures” as the main source of outperformance vs. select equity benchmark indices. We aim to efficiently harvest rewarded systematic risk premia in the equity markets, while eliminating unrewarded risk exposures, which allows us to earn higher returns per unit of risk.

Our equity investments are dictated by our overall strategic policy asset allocation; using qualitative as well as quantitative financial engineering tools, we have a dual focus on performance generation through optimal exposure to rewarded risk factors, as well as insurance & dynamic hedging against unexpected shocks that impact current value of assets & liabilities.

Our equity holdings give us exposure to the global economy, and the opportunities to earn real inflation-adjusted returns. Investments are spread across geographies & sectors, to diversify risk as much as possible, and exploit mispricing’s in countries, sectors, and factors.

Venture Capital

Bridge Capital Holding invest in early-stage businesses, projects and ideas. We take an opportunistic approach to that of our typical portfolio, we target companies that fall within the below criteria:


We look for market leaders or first movers disrupting an industry in a established market.

Proven Model

We look for rapid revenue growth, positive unit economics that showcase high profitability at scale.

Tech Enabled

We focus on technology enabled business

Highlighted investments


If you have an investment opportunity that you would like us to evaluate, please contact us


Status: Live

Country: Lebanon


Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon S.A.L was established in 1996, as a pacesetter in the ownership and operation of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Lebanon. Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon (GMRL) owns Spinneys, the leading multinational supermarket chain which operates 16 Spinneys branches. In 2014, GMRL introduced the Happy Discount Store, an innovative retail concept, which has today grown into a popular discount store brand, with 5 branches. GMRL acquired the Grab’nGo Convenience Stores in 2018, and presently operates 11 branches of the local convenience store chain. The latest addition to the company’s portfolio has been the Signature by Spinneys concept, launched in 2019.

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Status: Live

Country: Lebanon

Sector: Retail

Pearl Brands

Founded in early 1935 and previously known as G. Zahar & Co, Pearl Brands and its affiliates have been the top retail destinations for generations of shoppers, and continue to prove themselves as leaders in the market today.

In 2019, The Chalhoub Group and Pearl Brands SAL have agreed to merge Chalhoub Group’s two retail operations in Lebanon. The combined entity, now under the banner of Pearl Brands, has emerged as a major retail player in the Lebanese market with operations spanning 35 points of sales, and holding a diversified portfolio of leading international brands in fashion, jewelry, gifts and beauty products. The group aims to answer to the different needs of the luxury retail market and as such has aligned itself with brands that appeal to a host of different audiences: Zahar Kids, Kids Around, Secret Senses by Zahar, and Culti, as well as Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Faces, and L’Occitane en Provence.

Investment year: 2012

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Status: Live

Country: Sweden

Sector: E-Commerce


Klarna is an e-commerce payment solutions platform for merchants and shoppers.

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Status: Exited

Country: US

Sector: Food and Beverage

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods focuses on developing plant-based substitutes for meat, dairy, and fish products. It selects specific proteins and nutrients from greens, seeds, and grains to recreate the experience of meats and dairy products. Founded by Patrick Brown and Monte Casino in 2011, Impossible Foods is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Investment year: 2019

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Thrive Market

Status: Live

Country: US

Sector: E-Commerce

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a membership-based online company that offers natural and organic food products.

Investment year: 2014

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Status: Live

Country: US

Sector: Health Care

Sollis Health

Sollis Health is a membership-based concierge health solution providing members with a single destination for zero-wait, high quality medical care, infused with hospitality and high-touch customer service. It offers members immediate, unlimited 24/7 access to a state-of-the-art medical facility, including best-in-class ER physicians who manage their care from check-in to follow-up, superior staff to attend to a member’s every need, advanced diagnostic imaging, VIP support from leading hospitals, and fast access to hand-selected specialist network.

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